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Streaming TV and Free Local Channels Together on One Platform

AirTV Mini is the easiest way to get the news, sports, and entertainment channels you love over the internet. Plug AirTV Mini into your television’s HDMI port and point the remote to get started. It’s that simple!

Finding your favorite show is a breeze with AirTV Mini. The included remote has dedicated buttons for Sling TV, Netflix, and Google Assistant, along with voice integration for easy searching. Bluetooth connectivity allows for wireless headphones and gamepad use. Your AirTV Mini, television set, and soundbar can be managed with a single controller.

AirTV Mini is a powerful streaming device unlike any other. When paired with AirTV™ Classic and an HDTV antenna (both sold separately), you can live stream stations like CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and PBS free of charge on any mobile device. Avoid pricey cable packages and continue to watch local news and sporting events in high-definition with no long-term commitment.

With AirTV Mini, a new world of entertainment possibilities awaits. Discover the joys of watching television again in a completely different way. Indulge in all the specialty channels you want while reducing your monthly cable bill.

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A Variety of Options

AirTV Mini includes Sling TV, a flexible and affordable service that personalizes your viewing. Whether you love movies, comedy, sports, or international news, you only pay for the channels you want. No more costly bundles.

Easy Setup

Installation takes minutes so you can enjoy your purchase right away. AirTV Mini is an Android TV™-based device. The on-screen interface seamlessly integrates your channels and apps for effortless browsing.

Superior Streaming

AirTV Mini includes 2x2 dual-band Wi-Fi to support 1080p HD 4K Ultra HD streaming. With more memory and faster processing times than other TV sticks, your streaming remains smooth and stutter-free.

Streaming Television is the Future

Perfect for households with multiple TVs and mobile devices, AirTV Mini is easily portable and ready to use right out of the box. Stay connected to a world of streaming entertainment options wherever you go. Simply plug into an HDMI port and you’re ready to view!

Want free TV? Connect AirTV Mini with AirTV Classic and an HD antenna for a complete package that includes your favorite local channels at no extra cost. With AirTV Mini, you can watch television in a whole new way.

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